10 worst and 10 best subject lines of the year

A major email marketing firm posted their 10 worst and 10 best subject lines of the year.

Bruce Wedding posted these as a test at the Copywriting Board. I thought it would be fun to do the same here.

Each question has a best and worst subject line. In the comments I’ll list the right answers and also link to the marketing firm’s original article.

Here goes:


A) Top 12 Email Newsletter Mistakes

B) Target Referrals & Abandons


A) Simple Email Link Change Lifts Clicks

B) Eastern Europe Factbook


A) Buyer’s Guide to Top Survey Vendors

B) CAN-SPAM – Must-Know Updates


A) Your Input, Please: Annual Marketing Questionnaire

B) Best Time to Send Email: Test Results


A) Call for Speakers – Email Summit & Expo ’09

B) 6 Actions to Lift Clickthroughs: New Data


A) Turn Customer Queries Into Profit

B) Your Copy of Annual Email Study Results Enclosed


A) HTML vs Text: Which Works Better?

B) Tailor Lists to Reach Exec Moms


A) Newsletter Design Exclusive Data

B) How Wholesaler Lifted Orders 13%


A) Email Audit PDF: How-to & Checklist

B) Test Your Email Practices; Friday Award Deadline


A) How to Conduct Email Surveys

B) Alert: Analysis of New CAN-SPAM Rules

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