10 worst and 10 best subject lines of the year

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  • aashland

    Marketing Sherpa posted their top 10 best and worst subject lines here: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30938

    Here are the 10 worst:

    Here are the 10 worst performers in the last year for Sherpa’s B2B subject lines:
    - Please Take Quick Tech Survey Today
    - Call for Speakers: Demand Gen Summit
    - You’re Invited – Biz Tech Webinar June 17
    - Early Bird Special for Demand Gen Summit
    - Nominations to Speak at Email Summit
    - Podcast: Contests for Lead Gen
    - Podcast: Get Wicked Good Leads
    - Game Lifts Sales – Test & Results
    - How to Weed Out Consumer Leads From B-to-B Campaign
    - Touched by Angels

    And the 10 best:

    - Top 12 Email Newsletter Mistakes
    - Simple Email Link Change Lifts Clicks
    - CAN-SPAM – Must-Know Updates
    - Best Time to Send Email: Test Results
    - 6 Actions to Lift Clickthroughs: New Data
    - Your Copy of Annual Email Study Results Enclosed
    - HTML vs Text: Which Works Better?
    - Newsletter Design Exclusive Data
    - Email Audit PDF: How-to & Checklist
    - How to Conduct Email Surveys

    Marketing Sherpa’s analysis is quite interesting. They found that the first two words of the subject line are the most important.

    The top four subject lines were short (between 31-41 characters).

    And, not surprisingly, the subject lines that were too promotional were the worst performers.

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