Do you have an email list? Then you should have a blog too.

If you are a copywriter and a client asks you to write email copy, you should always ask them if they have a blog. If they don’t have a blog then offer to create one for them.

Why? Because you can get more mileage from an email if you turn around and post it on your blog too.

Plus a blog gives your readers another way to interact with you. As a marketer you need to do more than just crank out content; you also have to LISTEN to your market and some people will be more inclined to leave a blog comment than they would to reply to one of your emails. A blog is a great way to tune into the thoughts of your prospects and customers.

Also, search engines love blogs. When you send an email it eventually ends up in the trash or falls to the bottom of the inbox. But a blog post can sit there on the web indefinitely and draw traffic to your website. So your emails can have an extended shelf life if you also turn them into blog posts.

If a client of mine doesn’t have a blog but wants email copy, I tell them that the emails I’m writing for their series give them the beginnings of a blog. If there are seven emails, I offer to create a blog and use those emails as starter posts.

As a copywriter I can provide more value to their business this way and also set up a monthly retainer arrangement that includes both email copy and blog posts.

If you are using email copy in a blog post, it’s best to edit and change it a bit for the blog; don’t just simply copy and paste.

I highly recommend WordPress. Even if you don’t know much HTML it’s easy to install WordPress and set up a basic blog. The plugins and widgets make it easy to customize the blog. If you create a WordPress blog for a client, it won’t be difficult for them to update the blog on their own because WordPress is user-friendly.

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