Email subject lines of the week: of mortgages, toilets and marketing geniuses

My pick for the best subject line of the week (using my own delightfully subjective criteria, of course, and limited to those that surfaced in my inbox) is Ryan Healy’s “Can’t sell your house? Stop making payments.” Not the most cheerful of topics, of course, but I opened that one right away out of curiosity and clicked on over to the blog post.

Next up is “Emergency Fix for a Clogged Toilet” from Boardroom’s Bottom Line Secrets newsletter. What a practical subject line. I didn’t have a clogged toilet handy at that moment but I was curious enough to read the email immediately. Plus, I was wondering if they were really going to give the answer to that question or just tease the reader, as they are famous for doing in their newsletters. But they did answer it and now I almost want a toilet to become clogged so I can try it.

Mike Geary from Truth About Abs sent out an email with this subject line: “article marketing disaster — don’t use this company.” Notice how there are no capital letters (not even at the beginning) and the subject line is rather long. I couldn’t help but read that article right away even though I don’t use a company for article marketing. A side note: I notice that Mike doesn’t send out emails that are 50-65 characters in width, like most marketers. He’s OK with long sentences. I’ve long wondered if he’s tested this. I also can’t help but note that those in the fitness niche tend to be the best at sending out interesting emails on a regular basis.

Sean D’Souza of Psychotactics used this subject line: “Why we struggle with our writing.” I liked that one. It isn’t dramatic and isn’t heavy on the curiosity but it uses empathy (“we”) and I liked that it wasn’t focused just on copywriting but on writing in general, so I opened the email.

And, finally, this one from Perry Marshall: “the odd characteristic that most marketing geniuses share.” Again note the absence of capital letters in a long subject line. I think longer subject lines are easier to read when only the first letter is capitalized (or there is no capitalization at all). I usually only ever capitalize every word when the subject line is very short.

Feel free to share your own favorite subject lines in the comments.

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  • Ryan Healy

    Anita – Thanks so much for including my subject line. I’m honored!

    I got Perry’s email, too — and opened it right away. He writes some great subject lines.

    Thanks for doing this round-up. I really enjoy it.