Let Amazon write your sales copy

Someone posted this Jay Abraham video in the Warrior Forum and it’s well worth watching.

He says that when you are writing for a particular niche, do a search in Amazon. For example, type in “weight loss books.”

Look at the titles and subtitles of the top 100 books. There are lots of nuggets here that you can use for headlines, subheads and bullets for your sales copy.

Titles of books aren’t copyrighted so you can use them verbatim if you want too, however it’s always best to use your own wording.

Abraham’s theory is that the book titles of the top selling books are well-researched so you will benefit greatly by studying the titles and subtitles.

He takes it a step further and also looks at the positive and negative reviews for each of the top 100 books.

Focus on the five star reviews and one and two star reviews. There will be statements here that you can rework and use in your copy.

Even more importantly, it will give you a better understanding of the mindset of your market. People that leave passionate reviews (positive or negative) share insights that will improve your knowledge of your typical prospect. It’s an easy way to eavesdrop on your market.

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