Are your listening ears on?

When my daughter was 7 years old she went through a knitting phase.

A friend taught her to knit and she would curl up on the couch every evening and knit for a little while.

Her first project was a wash cloth. It was made with a mixture of purple and blue yarn.

After she finished it she came up to me at my desk and told me.

I was busy writing some copy and my mind was in another place. I did not hear her at all and she walked away.

A little while later I went to the kitchen and she said to me, with tears, “I showed you my wash cloth and you didn’t even care!”

I felt bad, of course, and gushed about her wash cloth as if it was a masterpiece.

Then we had a little chat about how sometimes my listening ears don’t work properly when I’m working at the computer.

Now…how about you?

Are your listening ears on after you send an email to your customers?

This doesn’t get discussed very often but sending an email is one of the best ways to listen to your customers.

Rather than just focusing on getting them to click on your website, you should also try to write emails that they will want to reply to.

Step back from your balance sheet and statistics once in a while and listen to your customers.

It’s not just good for business. It’s good for you.

After all, the whole point in growing yourself professionally is to become a better person, isn’t it?

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