Copywriting lesson from the sharks

Are you hooked on the TV show Shark Tank yet? I hope so.

In each episode, entrepreneurs approach five investors and make a pitch for investing in their business.

If you run a business then I encourage you to start watching it. You can get caught up on all the episodes at the above link.

For a quick look at what the show is like, check out this two minute video of a woman who makes a two minute pitch for her home-based shoe business.

One of the lessons this show teaches over and over again is that likeability is very important in marketing.

In other words, “branding begins with the person,” as Daymond said after a woman gave her pitch for her Turbo Baster kitchen gadget.

This woman only had a product idea and didn’t even have a working prototype.

She didn’t know her numbers, didn’t know what it would cost to manufacture her Turbo Baster.

Normally the sharks would rip into an entrepreneur like this but she was so likeable that she ended up getting an offer.

You’re not ultimately selling a product…you’re selling them on you.

Because a sales page is static, it’s hard to show how likeable you are on a sales page, unless you include a video.

This is where emails (and blogs) play an important role.

Emails aren’t static. They are a two-way conversation between you and your customer.

It’s in interactions like these where people will begin to like you and trust you, not from a one-time reading of your sales page.

You are sending emails like this, aren’t you?

I hope you haven’t fallen into the trap of writing emails that are mini sales letters?

If so, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to help,

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