The power of the forward

You already know how important it is that people open your email and click on the link(s) inside of it.

I’ve written before about the importance of writing emails that people will want to reply to.

Today let’s talk about how to write emails that people will want to forward to their friends.

A couple of years ago I wrote an email for a small niche site.

The only link in the email was below my name, I did no selling in this email. It was a story about a recent snowstorm adventure and I simply thanked them for being on my list.

Over the next couple of weeks dozens of people signed up to my list after I sent this email. All the hits were coming from email.

At first I was confused. The people who received that email were already on my list, so how was it that I was getting so many sign ups?

Then it occurred to me that someone (or several someones) forwarded that email to their friends. These friends enjoyed my story and signed up for my list.

Don’t forget the power of the forward when writing email copy.

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