The Sam Sheepdog approach to marketing

As much as I like Bugs Bunny, I think my favorite Loony Tunes character is Sam Sheepdog.

What does this have to do with marketing?


Sam Sheepdog spends his days protecting the sheep from Ralph Wolf.

On the surface it often seems like Sam is doing nothing.

He just sits there and his eyes are covered with fur.

Yet 100% of the time, without fail, he’s all over it when Ralph tries to steal a sheep.

He either whips out just the right tool from under his fur to disrupt Ralph or gets himself to the right location with amazing speed.

By contrast, Ralph spends his days in constant motion.

He orders various Acme products in the hopes of trying to catch a sheep without Sam noticing.

He digs tunnels, climbs trees, hangs out on cliffs.

All so he can finally snag a sheep.

In the meantime Sam Sheepdog just sits… even if a boulder is rolling towards him. He knows that at the last minute the boulder will hit a rock and stray off course so he doesn’t budge.

Ralph Wolf reminds me of a lot of marketers just starting out… and even of some goo-roos.

Always chasing some new product or trying to outwit competitors.

Constant motion in the form of product launches and testing the latest strategies… but getting nowhere.

Always trying too hard to get a sale.

Whereas Sam Sheepdog reminds me of marketers who put the hours in and get the job done.

When they face a challenge they don’t flinch. Like Sam in the path of a rolling boulder, they know no harm will ultimately befall them so they stay the course and don’t panic.

It might seem like the Sam Sheepdog marketers are doing nothing. They aren’t posting in all the forums or using all of the latest and greatest tools.

But like Sam whipping out a magnet from his fur to foil Ralph as he bounces on springs, they always have the *right* tools and know how to use them.

The Sam Sheepdogs don’t chase after sales. There’s nothing desperate about Sam Sheepdog. Whereas Ralph Wolfs are the very definition of desperate.

If you want more of a Sam Sheepdog approach to your own marketing, and want to keep the Ralph Wolfs away, one of the best ways is to load your autoresponder with high-quality emails.

Like Sam, you won’t have to budge and can instead keep scanning the horizon for new opportunities as l do all the writing – you’ll just copy and paste and drop them into your autoresponder when I’m done.

Each day you don’t send an email to your list – or send a lousy email – you lose sales.

Send an email to me anitaashland @ and let’s talk.

P. S.  If you’re an affiliate marketer and money is tight, I’m pretty sure Sam Sheepdog would approve of my pre-written Money Making Email email packs.

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