Fun Friday: An ode to The Oatmeal

I don’t know about you, but around here it’s been a tiring week.

So I was happy to discover The Oatmeal blog a week ago because it gave me many much needed laughs this week. I even laughed until I get tears into my eyes a couple of times.

My three favorite comics on this blog are:

10 Reasons to Avoid Talking on the Phone

How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

I think any freelancer will relate to the design post, even if you aren’t a designer.

The Oatmeal blog is less than a year old yet it has an Alexa ranking of 3000 or so already.

Which proves that people love it if you can make them laugh.

The posts on my blog that get retweeted the most are my Fun Friday posts. There’s a lesson there. Have some fun already. We don’t need constant how-to content.

Anyway, enjoy The Oatmeal (be sure to check out some of the other comics while you’re there) and have a great weekend.

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