3 marketing lessons from Emma Peel

It’s about time Emma Peel from the Avengers makes an appearance on this blog. Sheesh, what took me so long?

If you have the misfortune of being unfamiliar with Emma Peel and John Steed, the spy duo from the 1960s TV show The Avengers, then take a quick look at the one minute intro to the show:

She shoots a cork off a champagne bottle. How cool is that?

Emma Peel was as comfortable at a fancy dinner party as she was fighting villains with her signature Kung Fu moves.

She was calm, never lost her cool, and was never, ever desperate, even when she was in hopeless situations. This is unlike many marketers who prefer to be like the constantly desperate Ralph Wolf.

At the beginning of each Avengers episode, John Steed would let Emma know she was needed for an assignment and would do this in very creative ways. Here’s a video montage of some of these scenes (and check out the yellow ankle boots at the 5:15 mark):

Steed’s message was always the same…”Mrs. Peel, we’re needed.” Yet he delivered this message in such creative ways that Emma always smiled and probably felt appreciated too.

Your message is essentially always the same too…”Buy my stuff!” But are you being as creative as Steed in how you deliver that message? Do your customers smile and enjoy the message even though they know there will be a pitch?

Finally, Emma Peel knew her services were needed, which is one reason why she wasn’t desperate.

So there you go. Three marketing lessons from Emma Peel: Don’t be desperate. Make sure you or your product are needed. Be creative in delivering your “buy my stuff” message.

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