5 questions to help you uncover your (or your client’s) story

As you know, your story is an essential part of your sales page and other marketing materials.

When putting together a sales page, the story ranks right up there with the marketing research information in importance.

Sometimes it’s difficult to uncover your story because it’s so easy to overlook the details in your life that make for a good story. If you write copy for clients it can also be a challenge to pry a story out of your client.

This is why it’s helpful to ask questions and play story detective. I start out by scouring the client’s blog, Twitter page and other materials, looking for any details I can use for a story.

Here are 5 questions I sometimes ask clients if they don’t already have a story for me to write about:

1. Here was where I was at before I discovered my magic solution:

2. Here are all the bad things that happened to me before I found the magic solution:

3. My desperate attempt to find a solution led me down this path:

4. Here’s how I finally found the solution:

5. And here is the reason I am now going to share that solution with you:

If you still don’t get a good story even after asking questions, as a last resort you can write a fictitious one or show a story example from another website. Sometimes this will help remind the client of a story of their own. It’s worth the extra effort it takes to find the selling story beneath the product.

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