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When I was a kid I LOVED playing Monopoly.

There was a strategy I would use that would completely demoralize my opponents – usually my brother and neighborhood boys – but always resulted in my win.

And the occasional overturned table (my wins didn’t always go over well).

Throughout the game, when nobody was looking, I would stash some of my money in my socks (fortunately tube socks were “in” back then).

Then, late in the game, when I would have to pay rent on a high end property, and my opponent started rubbing his hands together with excitement because it looked like I was too low in funds to pay, I would nonchalantly whip out a stash of $500s and $100s.

This was very satisfying to me, of course.

I didn’t use this strategy every game because I wanted the boys to be on their toes.

Besides, I had other Monopoly strategies I used as well (maybe I’ll share those in upcoming posts, as they are applicable to business too).

What are the “money in your socks” aspects of your business?

I’m not necessarily talking about literal money (although that helps too)… or things that make competitors overturn their tables (although that could be fun too)… but things like:

* Colleagues you know you can call on at a moment’s notice to get help with a problem.

* Authors, speakers, bloggers who, when you take a break and spend some time with their material, leave you inspired and energized.

* A key piece of software or a never-fail strategy that will help your website rise in the rankings past your competitors.

* An email copywriter on hand who can quick write up some awesome emails for you. :-)

If you have anything to add to that list, let me know.

Wishing you many “money in the socks” moments in your business and the satisfied feelings that come with them.

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