What Walmart and online “gurus” have in common

A lot of people like to hate on Walmart. Just like a lot of online entrepreneurs diss marketing “gurus.”

Here’s a fact about Walmart that isn’t widely circulated: according to reason.tv, a 2008 study revealed that the states with more Walmarts have more small businesses.

The small businesses that go out of business when Walmart comes to town are replaced by small businesses that do a better job of appealing to customers.

The small mom and pop shops have to keep their stores clean, treat their customers as they are their only customer, and offer the best possible prices. Then they can hold their own against Walmart.

Every online niche has Walmart equivalents.

You can either hate on their practices, crappy products, or whatever. You can give up and close up shop.

Or you can stand out by providing superior customer service and products in ways the big guys can’t.

These “gurus” are actually making it easier for you to succeed, not harder.

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