How to write believable copy

I just read the transcript of an interview with Matt Bacak in which he quotes another copywriter. He didn’t cite the source and it’s not clear to me if this is from a book or was written to him, but it’s well worth reading and keeping at the forefront of your mind as you write copy every day:

A good copywriter isn’t in love with his words, he’s in love with his people, all kinds of people, anywhere and everywhere.

He is intensely interested in people, watching them closely, listening to them talk, living with their bad moments with them and rejoicing in their victories.

He is so interested in people that he forgets his own needs and wants, and after time he knows why they think as they do and he realizes himself in them, and he knows that what they do, he is capable of doing , whether it is good or bad.

The way to write believable copy, or believable words, is to love people.

Know that every living person fears, hates, loves, and rejoices just as you do. Let everything you write to the reader say this:  I understand you. I’ve been in your shoes. I can help you.  Please let me try.

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  • Judith

    Thanks for this inspiring post, Anita.  What you wrote is so true.  People tend to respond to ads that somehow reflect them and their values.  The ability to relate with other people and seeing life through their eyes is something that every writer should cultivate.

  • anitaashland

    Thank you for your comment, Judith, and for stopping by. I appreciate it.