A marketing lesson from the bad part of town

I quickly drove out of a parking lot thinking there was a driveway there but, oops, there wasn’t. Clunk went the front tires. I hate it when that happens.

To make matters more fun, the street I proceeded to drive on had broken glass all over it.

I was already in a nervous state because I was lost in the bad part of town, as they say, and the scenery was, um, not very inviting. I hoped my front tires weren’t damaged, as I didn’t want to get stranded there.

Well, I was in a big city, actually, not a town. One I had never driven around in much before all by myself so I was relying on my Blackberry’s GPS.

Of course the GPS sent me to the bad part of town instead of my actual destination.

I should have trusted my instincts and taken the exit that I was actually familiar with, and figured out my way from there, instead of trusting stupid GPS, but I thought GPS would be more efficient. Ha!

I picked up my Blackberry and tried to find a different address to plug into the GPS, but I didn’t have my reading glasses with me and I was feeling too panicked anyway to have the patience to type on a tiny keyboard, so I tried calling my daughter so she could Google a different address for me from her computer.

Of course she didn’t answer, so I threw my phone on the floor and decided to use my wits to get out of the bad part of town.

Well, what do you know. Using my wits actually worked! Funny how that happens.

Sometimes when running a business we end up in the “bad part of town” too.

You know, those panicky moments that happen when, say, a marketing campaign didn’t have the results you wanted.

Or a piece of software that was critical to a particular task didn’t work the way it was supposed to.

Or a member of your team wasn’t there when you needed them.

It can be scary in the bad part of town, but your fears must be your agenda every day, even in business, so those trips to the bad part of town are a good thing.

As Tim Ferriss says, “What we fear doing is usually what we most need to do…Resolve to do one thing each day that you fear.”

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