Case study of a 17 word email that made $300 in 24 hours

Charles Kirkland posted a video today of a 17 word email he wrote for a list in the woodworking niche that made $300 in 24 hours.

You get to look over his shoulder as he writes the email and chooses the subject line. Then he takes you inside his Clickbank account 24 hours later to see the results.

At the 3:39 mark he mentions the #1 thing that causes emails to bomb and talks openly about an email he recently sent to a list of 5000 that resulted in no sales because he made this mistake.

It’s very rare to come across a free in depth video like this with pure content about email marketing, as well as honest discussion about recent successes and failures with email. Take a look. Nothing is being sold, it’s just helpful information.

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