The cold in your email copy never bothered me anyway

Frozen is the tale of sisters Anna and Elsa, whose relationship is captured in music by songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

There’s a little known fact about the movie Frozen that, once you learn it, will improve your email copywriting.

Before the song Let it Go was written, Frozen was a very different story.

Elsa was originally meant to play the role of villain. But the songwriters viewed her as someone struggling to come to terms with her powers. They decided to not make her a villain and focus on what they thought Elsa really felt.

They went with their gut and the result was the hit song “Let It Go.”

But then the producers had to make a decision.

Keep the song and change the story?

Or keep the story and ditch the song?

They went with the former and the rest is history.

Now, how does this apply to business and copywriting?

An email is like a song in a soundtrack.

It advances the larger story in your business. The Hero’s Journey story, as I like to call it, and as I go into detail about inside my A Year of Email Copywriting course.

Like the “Let It Go” song, sometimes a single email story will have such an impact that it changes the overall Hero’s Journey story or the direction of your business.

Years ago I wrote an email for a list of mine that resulted in dozens of new opt-ins to my list because, apparently, the readers enjoyed the story so much that they forwarded it to friends. It was a funny story about driving around in a Wisconsin snowstorm and I never would have guessed that one email would have an impact.  It prompted me to change my business approach and the way I communicated with this list.

Not only do you have to understand the importance of stories, but you also need to be open enough to know when your story should change. The more you include stories in your email, the more dynamic your product will be and responsive to the needs of your market.

The first three months of A Year of Email Copywriting are complete and three of the lessons are all about how to write stories. When you sign up, I will email to you a document that the first three months of emails in it. You will also receive each email on a weekly basis for 52 weeks. I enjoy interacting with students by email and look forward to your questions and input.


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