Give me your huddled emails yearning to breathe free


It’s Subject Line Sunday, a new service I will occasionally offer in my Sunday emails.

Today I did some spring cleaning. The one advantage to not diligently removing clutter from the house on a regular basis is that it develops archaeology skills as we unearth old toys and drawings and such from years past. It’s fun to uncover those.

It also got me to thinking about how rearranging furniture we already own makes a difference in how the room looks.

If you ever look around a room and are bored with it and think you need to buy new furniture, just rearrange things.

It makes all the difference.

It’s like that with email too.

You don’t always have to create new emails from scratch if the ones in your autoresponder aren’t getting the open rates and sales that you want.

A new subject line will often do the trick.

A new opening sentence, which is often visible in the inbox before the reader opens it, is helpful too.

A little tip: it’s best not to clutter that opening sentence with a greeting, because that opening sentence is like a second subject line.

Anyway, I could go on about subject line tips, but you could just grab up to 10 emails from your autoresponder, and hand them over to me.

I’ll create a new subject line for each one.

If you want, I can create a new opening sentence for each one too in addition to the subject lines, for double the awesomeness.

Click here and let’s get started.

So there you go. This will help you get started on your email spring cleaning. I’m in a good mood after my own spring cleaning, so this offer is ridiculously generous for now. Hope you take advantage of it.




Photo: storebukkebruse

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