Creating work that matters

Seth Godin describes listening to audiobooks as a “practice.” It’s only very recently that I’ve taken up the practice of listening to audiobooks, preferring those that are talks and don’t also exist in print form. An expanded podcast, of sorts. Leap First: Creating Work That Matters is such a book.

If you read his blogs and have read some of his books then there won’t be much new here, but that’s fine with me, because I haven’t tired of his message yet.

Plus as one who endeavors to practice art, which he defines as the “emotional labor we bring to the table to make a connection” it’s a message I need to hear regularly. Audiobooks lend themselves to repeat listens more easily than rereading a book. I plan on listening to this one regularly.

Are you active on Goodreads? If so, please follow my reviews there. I will continue to post my reviews of business books here on my blog.

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