Should you email your list every day?



I’ll let Jesus answer this one:

“Salt is great, but if salt has lost its tang, how can its saltiness come back? It’s not good for the soil or for the manure heap. Throw it away. If you’re not deaf, listen.”
— Luke 14: 34-35

Replace the word “salt” with “email” and you have yourself a maxim that every email copywriter should read regularly.

I love how blunt and to the point Jesus is. Not only is lost of tang not good for the soil, it’s not even good enough for the manure heap. Throw the salt away.

How many emails are you throwing away?

That is probably the more pertinent question to ask rather than how many emails you send per day or week.

In a recent interview Seth Godin, who writes a daily blog post and sets the gold standard for every marketer, says his ratio is about 3:1. He usually writes three or so different post drafts and only publishes one.

The reason the composers Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven are remembered today is because they wrote a much greater volume of musical works than any other composer. Their fantastic works are only a tiny fraction of what they actually produced. Because they threw away more music than other composers, they had more great works than their peers.

Therefore, the more blog posts or emails you write, the more you’ll be throwing away.

If you’re not throwing some away, then the emails will lose their tang quickly.

Throwing away is painful. I write a weekly humor column for my local newspaper and it pains me when I have a great idea but can’t come up with a great closing sentence. So the draft just sits there in purgatory.

I’ve thrown away countless emails for clients that my clients never saw.

They may have hired me for seven emails but I threw away more than that.

So if you have a commitment to writing an email every day is a commitment to throwing away perhaps as many as 100 email ideas per month.

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