Why an email is like a mustard seed



As Seth Godin likes to remind us, small is the new big.

Jesus had the idea first:

“The kingdom is like a mustard seed that a person planted in his field. It’s the tiniest of all the seeds, but when it matures it’s the largest of the garden plants and becomes a tree.”

A mustard seed is so tiny you could easily overlook it.

Yet Jesus chose this as an image for describing a kingdom

Email is easy to overlook too.

Sales letters and VSLs get so much attention.

But a single email and blog post, sent one by one, builds rapport and trust, and yields more fruit than a sales letter.

In thinking of my own freelance email copywriting experience, I recall two times I wrote an unsolicited email for free for two prospective clients, who then went on to hire me for many projects.

There was the time I left a comment on a John Carlton blog post, buried way near the bottom of 100+ comments, yet a few years later a prospective client came across it and hired me for a project.

Those little seeds add up.

If you were looking for an image for your own business, a mustard seed might not be the thing that would immediately come to mind.

But it’s those tiny mustard seeds that will entirely transform your business.

If you’d like 52 of my mustard seeds, you’re invited to my A Year of Email Copywriting course.

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