A Year of Email Copywriting

If you are a copywriter at the beginning stages of your career… or an established copywriter who wants a tune up of your craft and ongoing source of fresh inspiration….then this course is for you.

What are the Emails About?

There are 52 weekly email copywriting lessons that will be sent to you by email during a one year period.

In the first six months we cover:

  • A simple three word exercise you can use anytime you need to jump start your writing session.
  • The “Hero’s Journey” approach to storytelling in your email copy.
  • How to add personality to your emails using micro stories.
  • My favorite source of content ideas (this is never mentioned in marketing forums and will be our little secret).
  • The two most important sentences in your email.
  • How to build a relationship with your list and get more sales.
  • 12 questions to answer before starting any copywriting project (give these to your clients to answer if you write for clients).
  • Stephen King’s “What If” approach to writing stories for your emails.
  • Should you email your list every day? (I share what a multi-million dollar client of mine did)
  • How to use left-brained tools to write copy if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.
  • Plus much more!

Because I’m a bibliotherapist at heart, there will be many emails devoted to books NOT about copywriting that will improve your copywriting and make you a better person in the process.

How Does the Course Work?

You will receive the first email lesson immediately after your purchase. I will also send to you a document that contains all the email lessons to date (currently the first 24 lessons). The 51 lessons will arrive in your inbox every week during the course of the next 51 weeks after you sign up.

I also gladly tailor lessons based on student requests. So if there’s a topic you want me to cover, let me know, and I will.

This is a DIY course. I won’t be grading assignments or looking over your shoulder.

How is A Year of Email Copywriting different from the other copywriting courses out there?

I have an eclectic background that includes writing for publication for 30 years. I have worked as an online bookseller, eBay Power Seller, blogger, instructor, and performed coaching in the corporate world. Recently I revived my humor column for the local newspaper.

As a copywriter for almost 10 years I have written for dozens of clients in a huge variety of niches. I have had a few famous clients in their respective fields for whom I’ve written on a retainer basis as well as many small mom and pop types.

I love working one-on-one with other copywriters, writers, and bloggers and am pleased to finally use my coaching skills in my copywriting business.

Throughout this course you’ll be able to communicate with me by email, one-on-one. No noisy forum or Facebook group. No membership site to mess around with.

With each email you will come away with an actionable takeaway. There won’t be the overwhelm inherent in so many other courses.

This introductory offer is only a one-time payment of $52 for all 52 emails:

After paying through the Buy Button you will be immediately redirected to an opt-in page, where you will sign up. This first lesson will arrive as soon as you opt-in. I will also send you a separate email with a document that contains the first 24 weeks of emails. Of course you can email me if you have trouble with the sign up process.

Looking forward to meeting you and working through A Year of Email Copywriting with you.

Kind Regards,