Hi, I’m Anita Ashland. Welcome to my copywriting blog.

I’ve been a direct response copywriter since 2007 and write email and web copy for clients all over the world. I’ve written literally thousands of emails and other pieces of copy in the past four years.

Prior to that I spent three years operating a successful online bookstore, where I wrote 10,000 product descriptions and was responsible for every aspect of the business, from shipping to customer service. There’s nothing like selling physical products for learning what it takes to run a business and, most importantly, the importance of taking care of customers. For a more detailed description of my background, read my Mel Blanc of Copywriting post.

Suffice to say I have a thorough understanding of what it takes to run an online business and how the right messages will boost your sales.

Each of my clients has a very unique voice, which is why I consider myself the Chameleon Copywriter. I capture each client’s voice while simultaneously creating a compelling story about their business or product.

Basically I’m a storyteller. Every business and product has a story behind it and it’s my job to uncover and tell that story.

That doesn’t mean I let my clients have ALL my stories; I save some of them for this blog.

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If you’re interested in hiring me for a copywriting project you can contact me by email. I write emails and sales page copy and can also do a critique of your existing copy if you need one.

CURRENT UPDATE: Here is what I’m doing now.

Thanks for stopping by!