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  • Why you should procrastinate

    Your next product idea (or even a new career) might come out of it:

    This quote comes from Jessica Hische, who is a young designer well known for her hand lettering.

    As she explains in this short video, she noticed she would work on graphic design while procrastinating from doing art, so she ended up becoming a designer instead of a painter or sculptor.

    And she ended up including hand lettering as one of her specialties because she found herself doing hand lettering while procrastinating from a graphic design project.

    If you take a look at her work you’ll see that procrastination paid off for her.

    So instead of beating yourself up for being unproductive while you procrastinate, pay attention to it instead. Maybe you’ll get inspiration.

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  • Fun Friday: On baseball flips and marketing

    Check out this video of a baseball playing doing a flip over a catcher to avoid getting tagged:

    Of course after watching this I wasn’t content… I wanted to know the player’s story.

    Does he have a gymnastics background? Did he hurt himself? What was going through his mind before deciding to do the flip? Where did he grow up?

    He’s an ordinary player who plays for a team with a losing record, yet he managed to do something extraordinary. This play happened two days ago and the video has more than a million views already.

    The marketing (and life) lesson here is pretty obvious. If it seems for all the world like you’re going to get called out, there’s probably a way you can flip over the catcher too, so to speak.

    And when you do, be ready with your story. Nothing makes people want to hear your story more than when you do something remarkable.

    If you want more details about this baseball player’s story, click here.

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  • Fun Friday: On “Garfield Minus Garfield” and Copywriting

    I discovered the Garfield Minus Garfield blog last week and I’m glad I did.

    The artist removes Garfield from existing Garfield strips “in order to reveal the existential angst of a certain young Mr. Jon Arbuckle.”

    Here are some examples:

    Please check out the site. There’s also a book of these strips too. Garfield creator Jim Davis endorses it.

    It’s fun to take this Garfield Minus Garfield concept and apply it to copywriting.

    Imagine a typical internet marketing sales page and remove the “cash sucking machine” phrases. What would be left?

    Remove the yellow highlighter marks. What would be left?

    Remove all the speed bumps (screenshots of bank account deposits, testimonials, unnecessary graphics). What would be left?

    Anyway, have a great weekend. I hope yours is more thrilling than Jon Arbuckle’s in the above strip.