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Beginning, Middle, End (Pithy Copywriting Tip #24)

Aristotle said “A whole is beginning, middle and end.”

This applies to stories, emails, sales pages and blog posts too.

You have to have all three elements – not just one or two.

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Get spaced out (Pithy Copywriting Tip #23)

In email copy, no paragraph should be longer than two sentences. In sales letters, no longer than 4-5 sentences. Follow each long paragraph with a short one.

Your white space is as important as your text.

Show, Don’t Tell (Pithy Copywriting Tip #22)

This video beautifully demonstrates the importance of showing, not telling, when writing copy.

Notice how instead of telling the people to be compassionate, he makes them feel compassionate instead.

And as a short copy specialist, I appreciate the pithiness of the copy on this sign:

The tiny space of copy most copywriters and bloggers forget to use (Pithy copywriting tip #21)

If you have a blog, use the RSS footer space for an ad, a special offer just for RSS subscribers, or a link back to your site.

Become a “that” hunter (Pithy copywriting tip #20)

After you write a draft of copy, turn into a “that” hunter. Delete as many of the “thats” as you can. Your copy will flow better as a result.

The library is your friend (Pithy Copywriting Tip #19)

When I need inspiration for email copy I visit the magazine section of the library and spend time paging through mags of all kinds and take lots of notes.

It’s never the right time (Pithy copywriting tip #18)

It’s never the right time to start a business, write some copy, agree to a deadline, launch a new product. Which is why right now is the right time.

Even beggars have to tell stories if they want to increase response rates (Pithy copywriting tip #17)

As this blogger reminds us (and I once blogged about how my daughter responded to a beggar’s story).  Tell stories in your copy too if you want increased response.

Witty email autoresponders (Pithy copywriting tip #16)

Someone found my site by using that phrase. So I’m wondering… should email copy be witty? It’s OK for copy to be fun… but don’t try to be funny.

Are you a tease? (Pithy copywriting tip #15)

Email copy teases your reader by making them want to click on your link. Tease by asking questions and putting cliffhangers in the P.S.  Or my favorite: telling stories.

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