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  • Are you handing out “menus” in your online business?

    One afternoon last summer I was sitting in my front yard with my netbook while writing some copy.

    An Asian lady walked up to me and handed me a menu for her local Chinese restaurant.

    She smiled, said thank you, and went on her way.

    No hype, no sales pitch. No flyer with a limited term offer. Just a menu.

    I noticed that she only gave her menu to people who were outside or walking down the street.

    She didn’t take the easy way out and just put it in mailboxes or attach it to front doors.

    I glanced at the address on the menu and noticed her takeout restaurant is on the busiest street in town. I had driven past it hundreds of times without ever noticing it.

    But after she gave me the menu I went there that same night to get takeout.

    I’ve been there many times since and no longer get takeout from the large Chinese restaurant in town like I used to.


    Every time I go there I see that same lady working hard in the kitchen.

    Her young sons are often there playing games on a laptop or doing homework and are very charming and always well-behaved.

    Seeing this family business in action tells me many stories without even having to chat with them.

    Supporting this business is a no-brainer for me because I respect their hard work. And it feels more personal… I get to be a participant in their story by buying from them.

    Plus the food is always good.

    This is an example of how, in your online business, a small list can sometimes be more responsive than a large list.

    And personally reaching out to your prospects by handing them a menu.. i.e. sending them the right emails… makes all the difference.

    A hype-free email with a story is like the Asian lady who walked up to me personally, smiled, and gave me her menu.

    Most marketers have trouble writing those kinds of emails. I’ve written about 1000 of them for clients in the past three years. So feel free to contact me if you could use some help.

    Every day that you’re not handing out menus you’re losing sales.

    Just sayin’.

    P. S. If you’d like some squeeze page templates to go along with those emails, check out these 10 templates by Sonia and Angela Panesar.

    As an email copywriter I’m often asked to write squeeze page copy. You gotta have the right squeeze page if you want people to see your awesome emails. The right squeeze page templates will save you a ton of time.

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