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  • Subject Line Saturday: Mother’s Day subject lines

    I see I’ve been getting hits to this website for the search phrase “Mother’s Day subject lines.”

    Whoa, it’s almost that time of year already.

    Anyone in any niche can send out an email that ties in with Mother’s Day.

    You don’t have to sell greeting cards, flowers or chick-knacks to acknowledge Mother’s Day in your marketing.

    Even if you’re in the internet marketing niche, surely you can think of a lesson you learned from your mom you can tell as a story and then promote a product at the end.

    Barbara Corcoran wrote an entire business book based on the lessons she learned from her mom that she has used in building her billion dollar real estate business in New York.

    Each chapter title is a lesson she learned from her mother and they make for good email subject line inspiration. Here are a few:

    “If you don’t have big breasts, put ribbons on your pigtails.”

    “It’s your game, make your own rules.”

    “Go play outside.”

    “Moms can’t quit.”

    “Jumping out the window will either make you an ass or a hero.”

    If you’re a retailer who sells products that would be of interest to women on Mother’s Day, you can’t ever go wrong with subject lines that announce a discount and encourage women to buy something for themselves for Mother’s Day. As a mother I’ve fallen for a subject line like that a time or two. 🙂

    As they come in, I’ll post Mother’s Day subject lines that arrive in my inbox (the ones I think are acceptable, that is. Too many of them are of the “Mother’s Day Deals” variety). If you have any you’d like to share, feel free to post them in the comments:

    Love Mom and Love to Save? Get 50% Off the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift! That one is from Barnes & Noble.

    Send mom some love with these gifts from Bas Bleu

    As expected, J. Peterman didn’t disappoint with their Mother’s Day subject line: Free 2nd Day Shipping – Grand (Dame) Finale. Click here to see the email.

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  • Subject Line Saturday: The best email of the week

    Instead of analyzing several different subject lines, I’m going to keep it simple today because it’s a holiday weekend.

    Also, the email J. Peterman sent on April Fool’s day is worthy of a post of its own. It was by far the most engaging email I received all week. Click here to see it.


    Using humor in email copy can be tricky, but J. Peterman manages to pull it off well.

    You should sign up for their list. The emails they send out are always worth reading and studying.

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  • Subject Line Saturday: On Darth Vader and Birdies

    It’s Subject Line Saturday again and I’ve plucked three email subject lines from my inbox to discuss here:

    Podcast – Fly fishing with Darth Vader –   This is from the Books & Culture publication.

    Darth Vader and fly-fishing aren’t things I normally think of at the same time.

    And Books & Culture is an egg head type publication so that’s another reason I think this is a catchy subject line. It’s unexpected.

    The Silent Epidemic that’s Becoming a National Security Disaster – Dr. Mercola emails arrive 3-4 times per week and sometimes it exasperates me how he uses fear in many of his subject lines, but at least that’s not his only approach. And obviously it must work for him.

    In about half his emails he uses a question in his subject lines, such as: “This Common Food Ingredient is as Addictive as Cocaine?”

    In other emails he uses a teasing approach, such as: The Spice That Ignites Your Body’s Astonishing Immune System.

    It’s interesting to me that many of his subject lines are so long they can’t be read in their entirety from the inbox. I’m an advocated of shorter subject lines but, again, it must work for him.

    4 Birdies, Zero Hooks – From Just 2 Buckets – I signed up for Don Trahan’s Peak Performance Golf Swing list a few weeks ago because I like the copy on his website and also because I plan to visit the driving range once a week this summer.

    This subject line hit the spot (no pun intended). It gets to the point and commands attention.

    As always, if you find email subject lines that catch your attention, feel free to email them to me or leave a comment. I’ll see you next Saturday with more subject lines.

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  • Subject Line Saturday: Prevention subject lines

    Since last week’s Subject Line Saturday post I see that I’ve received four emails from Prevention magazine. Because Prevention is a successful health magazine I’d like to take a look at those four subject lines in today’s post because undoubtedly we will learn a thing or two.

    Prices Cut! Just 88 cents an issue! Although I’m not a big fan of exclamation points in subject lines, this subject line is straight-forward and mentions the offer right in the subject line. Often times the simple and direct approach is best.

    Program Your Blood Sugar For Weight Loss! This email promotes a glycemic index cookbook. The email is a HTML email, of course, and reads like a mini sales letter.

    The mini sales letter approach is something I avoid when writing emails for clients and my own list because it doesn’t help with relationship-building. But if your niche is health and weight loss and you run a huge magazine then apparently this is the way to go.

    Eat To Beat Diabetes! Another mini sales letter/email for a cookbook, another exclamation point.

    At this point I’m starting to wish that Chris Cunningham (the person whose name is at the bottom of these emails) would, oh, tell a story or something instead of trotting out the expected mini sales letter.

    Dance your trouble spots away in minutes a day! Unlike the other subject lines, this one only has a capital letter at the beginning, which is my preferred method. Kelly Jennings is the author of this email (and the exercise program that’s for sale) so it looks like they mix it up and send out their emails in a variety of names.

    All these emails are catchy and do a good job of grabbing attention, so if you’re in the health or weight loss niche you might want to subscribe to their list so that you can study their subject lines.

    My opinion on their actual emails is that the mini sales letter approach won’t work as well for you if you are a solo entrepreneur or run a small business because relationship-building is key to growing your list.  But I encourage you to send out four emails per week like they do.