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    There is nothing like being on leprosy medication to make one rethink one’s diet.

    A couple of months ago I accidentally ate some gluten and got hammered with a terrible, painful, blistering rash.

    It was NOT leprosy but the main medicine to treat it is one of the meds used to treat leprosy.

    Unfortunately my face was one of the areas afflicted with it. My cheeks were fire engine red, which made me look constantly embarrassed, which technically I was.

    It also made it look like I had just come from a workout, which technically I had, given that the Prednisone I was also on made me constantly move about.

    Anyway, diet and health has always been my favorite topic to research and write copy about, but that experience made me research healthy diets all the more.

    And I now have 12 brand new pre-written emails about fitness and weight loss.

    If you already sell in the fitness or weight loss niche, these will help you get a headstart on your New Year’s resolutions promotion.

    If you don’t sell in this niche, then, hey, just buy ’em and read ’em and maybe lose some weight in the process.

    I was going to offer these as a 12 Days of Christmas sale. But since I’m way ahead of my deadline, I’ll start offering them now, the 12 days before Christmas.


    And, yes, this is a sign that in January 2016 my Money Making Email store will be chock full of new pre-written emails. Thanks for asking. These 12 emails are just the beginning.



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