Hire Me

I offer a variety of services to clients and email copywriters.

During the past eight years I’ve written copy for well over 100 clients (many of them repeat clients) in a wide variety of niches, including fitness, baseball, family law, golf, Internet marketing, weight loss, psychotherapy, personal finance, pregnancy, self-help, real estate investment, and many, many others. I also have expertise in blogging and have taught blogging mini-courses at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For starters I offer a 30 or 60 minute consultation by phone or Skype as an option if you want input on email copy for your product or service, and could use help brainstorming and coming up with ideas. This is the next best thing to hiring me to write the copy for you myself. I will give you a questionnaire to fill out beforehand so I can familiarize myself with your project. We will cover a lot of ground during the 60 minutes and map out the email series. You will come away with topic ideas and tips and techniques to use to get more sales.

These consultations are available to freelance email copywriters as well. It can be beneficial to talk to another email copywriter when in the midst of a project, especially if it is an involved one using a technique that is heavily story-based, such as the Autoresponder Madness soap opera sequence, or if you are under deadline pressure, or need ideas for broadcast emails.

The consultation also includes the ability to email me with questions during the 30 days following our phone consultation. I can also provide a one-time review of your email drafts during those 30 days. The consultation is $197, payable at this link, or via PayPal at anitaashland@gmail.com. After I receive your payment we will set up a time for the consultation.

If a consultation, or paying me to write your email copy, isn’t an option for you, my 427 pre-written emails (PLR) might fit your needs. There are emails in multiple niches. You can tweak the emails to promote your own products. These, combined with my Copywriter’s Notebook, will get you off to a good start if you are on a tight budget.

For custom email/autoresponder copy, I offer the following services:

*A series targeted to prospects that opt-in to your list but haven’t made a purchase. These emails will lure them back to your website and convert some of them into buyers.

*Consumption Emails – A series that you send AFTER the customer makes the purchase, to help them use the product and reduce your refund rates.

*Broadcast messages sent on a regular basis through a monthly retainer arrangement with me. This is where the real money is because through these emails you develop a rapport with your customers and prospects. After a person purchases from you one time it is much easier to persuade them to buy from you again and the way to do this is through email. If you have a blog I can convert the emails into blog posts for you as well.

If you have an existing series of emails and want me to give a critique, I can do that through the consultation option. I’ll read your emails prior to the consultation and give you a detailed report on how to improve them.

I also write sales letters of up to 1000 words and squeeze pages. I don’t provide the graphic design and HTML, but will use colored and bold fonts in the appropriate places.

Do you just want some new subject lines for up to 10 existing emails? This is a quick way to improve open rates without the time or expense of creating new emails. I also provide the option of 10 subject lines plus a new opening sentence for each email. Order one of these options with the below buy button:


Services I don’t provide: article-writing,  ebook creation, graphics, and website design.

Turnaround Time: This depends on the scope of the project and my current schedule. Estimated anywhere from two to four weeks. I cannot accommodate last minute projects.  I will also need a copy of your product, if applicable, links to your website(s), and any research you have available.

Method: Everything is handled through email. I will email the drafts to you as a text file or Word document. I also use Dropbox and Google Drive to share documents if you prefer that method of delivery.

Rates: Contact me with the details of your project and I will give you a quote. I offer a discount for full payment up front for email projects. A 50% deposit is required for those paying the full rate. My rate includes one round of edits.

Payment: I bill through PayPal. My PayPal address is anitaashland@gmail.com

Contact me if you’d like to discuss a copywriting project and get a quote or to set up a consultation. If you aren’t a client and want to talk to me on the phone or Skype, use the consultation option above.