Date: 6 Nov 2008 22:42:38 -0000
Subject: Thanks from Col. Littleton
From: Colonel Littleton <>
X-Mailer: Colonel Littleton

I really do appreciate the business you do with me; and, by the way, our new yearly catalog is on the way to you right now. Hope you see some things you like.

Lynnville, Tennessee has a population of 327, and I employ 22 folks from around here. They also appreciate your business, because it keeps 22 American craftspeople employed "making it here in the USA."

Thanks again for trading with us.


P.S. Employing 22 people makes us the largest employer in town as well as in the north half of the county.

Col. Littleton - Foxfire Farm - 755 Abernathy Rd. - Lynnville, TN 38472 - Pop. 327
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