In January I resumed writing my humor column for the local newspaper, after a 13 year hiatus. There is a dearth of humor in newspapers these days so I took it upon myself to correct that. I archive the columns here.

On January 1 I began the Dulingo French and have now finished it. I am 50% fluent in French according to Duolingo. I took a bunch of French classes in college back in the day. After the Paris attacks I felt a strong desire to brush up on my French and discovered Dulingo.

My goal was to read at least one book a week this year and I exceeded that goal. I post a review of each book on Goodreads. Feel free to follow me there. Reviews of the business books are here on my blog. I’d love to be a bibliotherapist when I grow up.

I’m gearing up to take violin lessons. My 40-year-old violin has been fixed and is ready and waiting. I played violin when I was a kid and haven’t touched it much since then. Next step is to take lessons.

I also write a weekly newsletter on email copywriting and marketing. Recently I added coaching options and an email copywriting course.