“Anita, you’re not gifted, you’re a genius! People will really feel like it is me speaking to them personally, even fans who know me well. From a psychological perspective you hit all the right buttons. I could never have written those emails – I am just too close to the trees.”
– Fitness model Belinda B.
“”Anita Ashland has helped me write the copy for my therapy site and also created and designed the site. She’s been willing to brainstorm with me to come up with new ways to market my services and improve my message to prospective clients on an ongoing basis.”  Pamela Kowal, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, St. Paul, MN

Your emails are helping me to continue to make sales. I have sold close to 2000 copies in 14 days. Great working with you.


Craig Beckta

“Working with Anita is a real pleasure.

After reading the autoresponder series she wrote for me I felt like she had somehow sucked my own personality and writing style out of my body. It was like reading something I wrote only way way better!

Snatch her up now because she is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to autoresponder copy…but probably not for long” 

Jeremy Wilson

Not only was Anita’s copy excellent, but you couldn’t ask for better customer support. There are very few people you’ll meet  that provide this level of writing and commitment.

Terry Edwards

“When it comes to getting autoresponders done you
are the only person I recommend because everything
you have done for me has exceeded my expectations.

Plus after changing to your autoresponders my
backend sales shoot up immediately. One of your
email specials pulled in $364.34 in sales the
first day I sent it.

Charles Kirkland


Right from the very beginning I found Anita to be
extremely professional while doing my autoresponders
for a couple of different web sites. She also
helped me work on a couple of different web sites
that I was developing.

I found Anita to be extremely good, extremely
professional and very prompt and responsive.

If there is any doubt, I encourage anyone to give
me a call at (206) 650-0250.


Dennis M. Gac

“We are very happy with your email copy. Our
conversions are up, and best of all, we now have
the time to be able to focus on growing the business
because we have someone we can trust to write
great broadcasts for us.

I would be happy to recommend you to other marketers
and provide a personal reference if requested.

Many Thanks,

Noel Jones

“Thank you for your awesome autoresponders…this
is some of the best material I’ve seen from any
writer and I’m very glad I had you to do this
series on diabetes.” -Morten Olander

“Anita went through my Autoresponder Copywriting
course in 2007 and graduated with flying colors. She has
a true talent for storytelling and really knows
how to hit on the “hot buttons” of your prospects
with her emails.”

Jay White, Copywriter